Mapping Systems

TopScan owns several ALTM (Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper) mapping systems made by Optech.
All laser scanners allow a variable setting of the sampling rate, scan angle and scan frequency. These parameters, together with the altitude over ground, the flight speed and the distance between the mapped swaths, define the density and distribution of the laser spots in the mapped area. The system and flight parameters are chosen to suit the application in hand, so that the most disparate requirements can be dealt with.

The systems can be combined with digital mapping cameras and thus allow to take pictures that complement the information provided by the laser mapping altitude data. TopScan GmbH has at its disposal both medium-format (Rollei) and large-format (DMC) digital cameras.

Moreover, it is possible to combine a mapping system with a waveform digitizer. This is an add-on system which digitizes laser beams, or the waveform of laser beams, to enable not only the collection of individual pulses but the recording of a complete signal.